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Hub for African fact-finders and truth seekers

Fact-checking has been identified as one of the most effective methods while dealing with disinformation. As easy as it may sound there are a lot of factors in play.

It requires one to have the proper knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. But in a world blessed with many tribes and languages, it also requires an understanding of cultural norms and linguistic abilities.

The Ideogram is a social fact-checking platform for African audiences. Users will be able to call out publishers when they issue publications that are misleading, inaccurate, and biassed towards a particular person, organisation, or community.

The platform will crowdsource individuals with various expertise in various subjects, languages, and cultural backgrounds in Africa. They will act as moderators on the platform with verified credentials.

Users will be able to participate in research activities such as surveys curated for specific topics of conversation about Africa. Other features will be revealed in due course.